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Relaxed Hair

Relaxed Hair

Shampoo / Style:   $85

Virgin Relaxer:     $175

Relaxer touchup / trim $125

.Relaxer touchup / cut:  $140

Halo touchup:       $30

Natural Hair

Natural Hair

Shampoo / blowout or

silk press:    $95

Shampoo / twist-out:      $95

Shampoo / braid down $85

(for wig install)

         Shampoo / individual two

strand twist:       $115

 Shampoo/ flexi or rods:  $115

Color Services

Color Services

Semi-Permanen:  $30


   -root touch up:   $40    

          -full color:   $80     


   -root touch up $60

   -full color  $100

Double Process Color:  $250 

 Hair Treatments        

 Hair Treatments        

 Moisture:   $30

Protein/ Reconstructive:   $40

 Smoothing Treatment:   $250

Mud mask/detox:  $50

​       Add-ons             


Hair trim:   $25              

 Hair Cut:    $40          

Shampoo / Blowdry   $50

Install Removal:   $50 hr      

Hair Detangles:   $25 ½ hr    

Weave / Crochet Braids

Weave / Crochet Braids

Full Sew-in w / leave out:  $250

 Full Sew-in w /closure:    $285  

Partial Sew-in:    $185        

  Full Bonded / Quickweave:   $165 

   Per track 

-Bonded  $25

 -Sewn  $35

 -Clip-ins  $15

 Weave tighten:  $20 

 Crochet Braids

-pre twisted,braid,loc’d:  $150 

  -curly / wavy:  $175

What Clients Say

Ashley is phenomenal! I got my first silk press with her and my hair lasted two weeks before I had to wash. It felt healthy and even when I washed it, it jumped right back into my natural curl pattern. Normally heat damages my hair but my hair is acting the same which to me is super impressive. I will return to Ashley. She is kind, patient, understanding of your goals and really really amazing at what she does.

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